Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Our deal

Haven't updated this blog pretty much since february. I've been pretty hectic with college work and dancing ever since. Now that college is over i've finally have more free time. So for now, I'm just here to sort out life in general. Pretty dramatic right? lol anyways, heres my next look -
Faded navy bomber jacket, Lacoste | grey/navy checkered shirt, Zara | sapphire skinny jeans, Topman |black doc martens airwalk, Doc Martens 

Finally got the chance to get my hands on Best Coast's album "Crazy for you". Its been on my most listened to album ever since, its pretty much sums up my mood for summer which is approaching. This look was inspired by their mini film for the song "our deal" directed by Drew Barrymore. For me the song gives you that hope and reassurance you need. Especially the music video which i really love. I love the teenage story behind it, the cinematography, the outfits and the characters portrayed. I love how the vibrant graffiti contrasts the dark monotone colors of the clothes. The outfit has a british feel to it..like the move this is england. I especially wore my pair of Doc martens to give homage to that film.

In the end no matter what the problem or the outcome it may be, all we have is love.  

Best Coast - Our Deal from sssnake on Vimeo.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Do you know me

black slim shirt, H&M | wool peacoat, Topman | Rosary from Italy | black smart cropped pants, Zara | black doc martens airwalk, Doc Martens

One of my favourite outfit from my lookbook. Its a simple all black outfit. I always have something black on any of my outfits. Sometimes i would prefer to wear just all black, people would wonder if i had just gone off a funeral. haha. Black is monotone but subtle and powerful. Plus this was the first time i wore my Doc martens :) like a child with a new toy.

p.s. i miss my hair like this.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

I have been told, that i must take the unforsaken road.

Navy cardigan with red lining detail, River island | black cardigan with black lining detail, Primark
This outfit is inspired by one of my all time fav. lookbooker Clement Louis http://lookbook.nu/clementlouis I like the dark vibe of this look, especially the atmosphere of the parking lot. Which gave the whole photoshoot the right vibe that we needed. The navy cardigan in particular had these funky gothic style buttons, if you look at it closely. (lol)

Here's the full version of the first pic from the look. 

P.S I just changed the banner of this blog :))

Saturday, 29 October 2011

My boy builds coffins

skeleton printed socks, Topman |  king and queen cards printed classic slip-on, Vans | black ribbon braid trilby hat , Topman | black bomber jacket, Topman | black hoodie, Primark | thrifted brown tribal print scarf | black skinny jeans, Forever21

This outfit was inspired by the character portrayed on Florence and the machine's song My boy builds coffins. When i first heard the song my mind quickly scanned through my wardrobe and made up this outfit. As some of my outfits portrays melancholic and dark themes, this one is one of my carefully thought piece. When i listen to this song it makes me think of life and death. Its saying that every body dies one day.
" my boy builds coffins and i think it's a shame
that when each one's been made, he can't see it again
he crafts every one with love and with care
then it's thrown in the ground and it just isn't fair
here its saying that every person is born unique and beautiful in their own way, and its shameful and sad that one day they'll just be buried in the dirt. Or for religious people perhaps its saying that god creates all of us differently making us unique and then the same thing...Death.
The meaning i get out of this song is that many people don't appreciate art. This boy has a beautiful talent, but since it's such a unique and unusual talent, people only see it as a bad thing because it's a coffin.

Monday, 17 October 2011

"Sophisticated ignorance, i write my curses in cursive."

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Monday, 5 September 2011

Contre Jour [Iphone game]

I've been hearing a lot of great reviews about this game, so i decided to get this today. The game is beautiful and creative. It is also polished and artistic. I've been playing cut the rope game for awhile now but this game is also up to its standards. I bounce back and forth from these two games. The soundtrack is serene it makes you feel relaxed while given a certain difficult challenge. The goal of the game is to lead the character to the exit. I recommend this to all puzzle lover iphone users.